Saturday, November 18

Monster House

Some friends and I caught the 3D version of 'Monster House' - my first 3D movie in quite a while. Gone are the days of coloured cellophane and cardboard glasses. These days we look less like moviegoers, and more like contestants in a Roy Orbison look-alike competition.

So to complete the look, i made a black and white version (just incase you're running such a competition ;) This is our entry...

Saturday, November 11

The Invisible Bike

This was originally an attempt at getting a dusk photo of the city view from my friend's balcony. Obviously a fairly long exposure time was needed - and during this time a motorbike sped past.

While the bike was too quick for the camera, it did leave a trail of light from it's headlight and taillight. (You can click on the photo for a larger image)