Sunday, June 30

Ride for Refugees - the extras

Once I (and the other riders) were out on the course, there was a mini-ride for kids involving a few laps of the circuit. Obviously I didn't get to see it, but it looks so cute, with even preschool age children taking part - training wheels and all.

Meanwhile, I'd been out on the course (which feels very country-like) and was glad to discover a drinks and snack station around the 7km mark. I was pleased to see a selection of muesli bars, fruit and lollies :)

Sunday, June 23

Ride for Refugees - the start

For those who sponsored me in the 25km Ride for Refugees (and for others who are interested) here are some photos from the day.

Ready to go and awaiting the start:

Underway! Just 24.985 km to go ;)

The ride started with a lap around the criterium circuit before heading out on main part of the ride.