Tuesday, December 2

Who Gives A Crap?

What if helping really poor countries was as easy as going to the toilet?

Now it is. Social enterprise Who Gives a Crap gives half its profits to build toilets in the developing world. From the moment you receive your (home delivered) box of toilet paper, you feel good about it.

Who Gives a Crap delivery box

The box has various encouraging phrases, including their main slogan "Good for your bum. Great for the world." Each roll is also encouraging, reminding you of the benefits.

Who Gives a Crap - Good for your bum - Great for the Planet

Also, as you unwrap it, there's another inspiring message inside, like:

Wrapper message from Who Gives a Crap


Wrapper message from Who Gives a Crap

If all that wasn't enough, they've come up with the ingenious idea of the emergency roll. Store it in a different place. Should you ever need to grab it - you know it's definitely time to re-order!

the Emergency Toilet Roll

Of course, being Christmas - and having ordered the Christmas themed set - I just had to arrange them as a tree.

Christmas Tree of Christmas Toilet Paper

It shrank over time - especially as I gave many away as novelty gifts.

Small Christmas tree of toilet paper

Wednesday, April 30


There are benefits to getting up early. Skies like this morning's is definitely one of them.

OK it's not the most scenic photo ever. But it's a great start to the day to see this out the window.

Monday, March 31

Earth Hour 2014

Some of the candles from our Earth Hour celebration.

Saturday, January 11

Lettuce In

One of my latest things to grow on my balcony is lettuce.

It's not type that you traditional spherical-shaped lettuce. This is good because I can just pick off as many leaves as I need for a meal, while letting the rest keep growing.