Friday, January 18

Lifeline Bookfest

This is what (half of) Lifeline Bookfest looks like. There's the same amount again, just out of shot.

This was taken from the volunteer break room (where volunteers are provided lunch/dinner if working through that time). During the day there's way more people - picking up great value second-hand books, all for the benefit of a great charity.

[My other Bookfest photo]

Wednesday, January 2

Top pics of 2012

Here are my photos of 2012 that you viewed most:

5. It was a tie between two food related pics - the unbelievably cheap meals, and the macadamias i harvested. (If picking them up and cracking them with a hammer is called a harvest :)

4. My unrelated post about democracy in Queensland rated quite highly. I might continue to throw in the occasional non-photo post.

Queensland election statistics
3. I really enjoy funny photos, so i'm glad that the memory card photo was popular with you too.

2. My photo of the enormous number of Da Vinci code books donated to the Lifeline Bookfest.

Da Vinci Code books

1. The Eclipse photos from the Solar Eclipse viewable from eastern Australia in Novmber.

All the best for 2013!