Tuesday, February 27

A Trolley Load

Last time i mentioned the people at the Bookfest with (literally) a supermarket trolley full of books. Here is an example. This fellow was queued up in the line next to us.

Made me wonder if it would be quicker for the register people if there was a simple "price per 50kg" system. Maybe even a weighbridge ;)

Monday, February 26

Where Am I?

Despite first appearances, this is not a photo of the departure lounge of an airport terminal.

We spotted these two characters on our way to "Bookfest". At the time i assumed from the size of their luggage that they were headed away on holiday. But no - apparently the 'real' Bookfest enthusiasts don't want have their treasure limited by the amount they can carry. For the record, there was also more than one person with a supermarket-sized trolley for storing their haul.

Monday, February 12

On the fence

There's no story to this at all. Just thought it was a good photo opportunity. I guess you know someone is style-concious when they get a motorbike to match their front gate ;)

Thursday, February 8

Seeing the Light

Consider yourself lucky. I was going to put up some of my photos from the Christmas lights tour. A group of my friends piled into a combi van to drive around and check out the various Christmas light displays around the neighbourhood. (By neighbourhood, we mean anywhere within 10km).

Instead, i present this painting of the wise men - another group of people travelling miles because of a light ;)

For the record, it was at the church i visited on Christmas eve. I don't know who the artist was.

Thursday, February 1

City Christmas Tree

Ok, so i'm getting a little behind in putting photos up... Anyway, this gi-normous tree was adorning the top of Queen St in the leadup to Christmas.

And of course, if you're going to have a such a large tree, clearly the decorations have to be equally over-sized. Hence this bauble which is the height of a small adult.