Thursday, May 31

Going green

I snapped a shot of this billboard for an article in my other blog Convenient Solutions.

As i was cropping out some unwanted background distractions, i noticed that just at the moment of the shot, a pedestrian (slightly obscured) and cyclist were passing by the sign.

With the sign promoting Virgin's 'carbon neutral' travel, the irony was delicious. :)

Friday, May 18

Department Store Drive-Through?

Possibly they mean something else, but there could be some exhausted shoppers who need some automotive assistance to complete their purchasing expedition ;)

Wednesday, May 9

Very Bunny

Nothing says Easter quite like a multi storey inflatable rabbit - at least not if you're a big shopping centre ;)

Of course, had the entire thing been made from chocolate, i would have been impressed. Especially if passers-by were allowed hack off a chunk for their own personal consumption ;)

Thursday, May 3

Hello Possum

On my balcony the other morning, and i discovered this little critter having a little lie-down behind the plants. (Actually i think he discovered me first)

Once he'd discovered that i was no threat to his new little nap-place, he was quite happy to slide back in behind the green pot for another daytime snooze.