Sunday, March 30

Flags Are Up

My good friend Murray and I recently headed to the Gold Coast for the Titans' first game of the season - and the first at the new stadium. Actually Murray was keen to see the visiting team - his beloved North Queensland Cowboys (but the less said about their performance the better).

As the commentator said on the coverage "If there are 27,000 fans here, there must be at least 26,000 flags". Talk about excitement... the enthusiasm in this picture is just for the team running onto the field! You can imagine what happens when they score.

Friday, March 7

Taking Flight

Today was the day the little guys decided to have a go at flying. The first guy almost slipped off the branch before he eventually managed a successful flight, albeit to a lower balcony (more of a controlled fall really).

Then the second guy decided he could manage this aswell. Although he is much more of a look-before-you-leap kind of bird. I had put my camera away before he finally had a go. (hmm, perhaps he was just shy)

Monday, March 3

Bird Update

Ok, it's been a few days now. So after several days' worth of being sat on, the little birds have hatched. Sometimes they will be sitting in the nest by themselves, sometimes mum or dad will come along with food for them. This is one feeding time when the little ones had just been given their food.