Thursday, October 29

Kaleidoscope Bridge

I passed the Kurilpa bridge the other night - for the first time since its opening. This rainbow display is one of the many configurations it does throughout the evening. Of course, if you're a reader of my climate change blog, you'll be pleased (as I was) to know that the energy comes from solar power.

Wednesday, October 14

Word Bridge

Look, i don't understand the details, but for some reason connected with the Queensland 150th anniversary, there are words being projected on the William Jolly Bridge (near Brisbane's city centre). Either this makes no sense - or i'm just a cultural buffoon. It's probably the latter, so feel free to offer your enlightenment.

Monday, October 12


So my aim was to take one of those traffic shots where all you see is streams of white light. In hindsight, i probably wasn't going to have much success in that 5.30 / 6pm zone.

Wednesday, October 7


OK, so this is not the first time i've photographed muffins. These little guys were yet another course of housewarming feast (see previous posts) which i forgot to mention was entirely gluten-free!

It's an 'in-tray' photo. Partially because of the neat symmetrical formation, and partially because they tended to go to pieces at the first sign of being taken out (previous muffin carnage nicely concealed by breadknife). Anyhow, whatever issues they had with wanting to stick to the tray, they made up for in eatability - mmmm.

Monday, October 5

You Can Win Friends With Salad

The next part of the housewarming feast was a salad. Although in truth the salad was essentially the 'supporting cast' to the lead role of the strawberry sauce.

Friday, October 2

Very Corny

This was a yummy cornbread made by a friend as part of the housewarming experience. Photography connosieurs will note the framing of the shot to avoid towers of unpacked boxes and other moving-related debris. :)