Wednesday, December 30

Science Fiction Vegetables

Found this Sweetpotato at my parents' place over Christmas. My Mum reckons it looks like the Ood (from Doctor Who). What do you think?

Tuesday, December 29

Got Worms?

A couple of the worms in my mum's new worm farm. Had to be quick as worms prefer to be under the surface. Once they settle in, a layer of newspaper goes over the top. Dad suggested the comic pages - to give them some entertainment. (haha dad)

Sunday, December 20

Best Christmas Lights

For sheer impressiveness, this was my favourite set of lights on our little tour. In real life it's even better, as some of the features 'move'. (By move, i mean the lights come on sequentially - but really quickly - which gives a kind of shooting star effect). Apart from that, the whole colour scheme would change about every 20 seconds. For example...

Friday, December 18

Mary, Jesus and Joseph

Went looking at Christmas lights. This was my favourite of the nativity scenes.

Monday, December 14

Wednesday, December 2

Couple of Bugs

There's something about a couple of matching cars parked shoulder-to-shoulder.

Tuesday, November 10

Chick Chick Zoom!

Yeah, i know. What's with all the food photos? I promise this is not going to turn into a recipe blog (for that you can go here). But when a friend makes me a tasty and photogenic meal, i feel it's worth a photo. It also provides a memory of the dish (for more than the 3.5 seconds in which i devour it).

Long time readers may recognise the crockery!

Thursday, October 29

Kaleidoscope Bridge

I passed the Kurilpa bridge the other night - for the first time since its opening. This rainbow display is one of the many configurations it does throughout the evening. Of course, if you're a reader of my climate change blog, you'll be pleased (as I was) to know that the energy comes from solar power.

Wednesday, October 14

Word Bridge

Look, i don't understand the details, but for some reason connected with the Queensland 150th anniversary, there are words being projected on the William Jolly Bridge (near Brisbane's city centre). Either this makes no sense - or i'm just a cultural buffoon. It's probably the latter, so feel free to offer your enlightenment.

Monday, October 12


So my aim was to take one of those traffic shots where all you see is streams of white light. In hindsight, i probably wasn't going to have much success in that 5.30 / 6pm zone.

Wednesday, October 7


OK, so this is not the first time i've photographed muffins. These little guys were yet another course of housewarming feast (see previous posts) which i forgot to mention was entirely gluten-free!

It's an 'in-tray' photo. Partially because of the neat symmetrical formation, and partially because they tended to go to pieces at the first sign of being taken out (previous muffin carnage nicely concealed by breadknife). Anyhow, whatever issues they had with wanting to stick to the tray, they made up for in eatability - mmmm.

Monday, October 5

You Can Win Friends With Salad

The next part of the housewarming feast was a salad. Although in truth the salad was essentially the 'supporting cast' to the lead role of the strawberry sauce.

Friday, October 2

Very Corny

This was a yummy cornbread made by a friend as part of the housewarming experience. Photography connosieurs will note the framing of the shot to avoid towers of unpacked boxes and other moving-related debris. :)

Monday, September 21

Outdoor Cinema

As part of the Brisbane International Film Festival, there was an outdoor movie at one of my local parks. It was a great evening for being outside - pleasant sunset temperatures and kids passing the pre-movie minutes by making full use of the free jumping castle and fairy floss (provided by the event sponsors).

Friday, September 11

A Breath of Fresh Air

At the aforementioned party, a fellow guest showed me this item a friend had purchased for her in the US. The Obama-mints are by no means the only piece of presidential merchandise. Apparently there are even Obame undies! Somehow, i don't think it would work here.

Tuesday, September 8

When A Bed Is A Creek

My local creek, a few weeks ago - after some rain days. These days it's dry again.

Monday, August 31

Gender Testing

With the various 'step-through', 'lowbar' and 'crossbar' bikes, it's not always easy to tell whether a bike is that of a man or a woman. However, the floral basket decoration is still a dead giveaway.

Saturday, August 29


It's fairly rare to have a 28.05th birthday party. It's rarer still to have a guest of honour who celebrates by making a fantastic meal for her numerous party guests. I can't remember the name of the feature dish - but i can tell you it was quite delish!

Tuesday, August 4

Bike Trailer

Spotted this at Greenfest and was quite impressed. As well as the creativity of making one's own bicycle trailer, the side parts appear to be made out of former bicycles (with some bamboo cladding for style). Much kudos from me. And it was a great way for one of the food and drink outlets to get around the festival to offer people their iced tea (or whatever it was ... i was looking at the construction of the trailer, not its contents :)

Saturday, July 25

Post-Ride Milo

And of course, there's nothing like a Milo after an Autumn bike ride on a cool moist overcast afternoon. Especially if it has marshmallows in it!

Sunday, June 28

Rebound Sunset

Ok, so i post a few sunset pictures (here, here, here, here, here and here). But this one has a difference - it's in the eastern sky! Even though it looks like the sun is behind the clouds, it is in fact in the other side of the sky, and its light is reflecting off these clouds in the east.

Friday, June 26


The photo from the other day, but with added contrast to make it look more arty.

Tuesday, June 23

Misty Bike Ride

A rainy day when a bike ride is planned. The bad part is waiting around (helmet held hopefully in hand) for the rain to clear. The good part is seeing stuff like this. It's just an inner-suburban street, with some mist, but it was awesome. Moreso than the photo can tell.

Saturday, June 13

Southbank Ferris Wheel

Yeah, there's probably an officially-endorsed name. But i don't know it - so let's just stick with Ferris Wheel.

Friday, June 12

New Shop

Recently heard about a new electric bike shop that has opened up near me (Woodstock Ave Toowong to be precise). So first day of uni break, i went to check it out.

For those not au-fait with electric bikes, they are the same as normal bikes, except with a choice of pedalling or letting the motor do the work.

The little battery you can see just below the seat apparently goes for 20-30km on just a few cents of electric charge.

Wednesday, June 10


Semester is over, and so is my self-imposed blogging exile...

Do you reckon it looks a bit lunar?

Sunday, May 24

Cat In The Water

A classic Brisbane pic - the citycat zooming along the river (yeah, ok - it's a still photo - but you can imagine the zooming).

Friday, May 1

Clover Flower

Even external uni students occasionally have to make a trip to campus - for me it has novelty value. Found a grassy knoll to sit and eat lunch. There was no passing motorcade, but there was this tiny little flower (about half the width of a fingernail).

Wednesday, April 29

Millions of People

Saw this at a bus stop. Found it quite clever. At first, all we see is ourself. But looking closer, there's hundreds of people from across the world.
(click pic for larger view)
It's by Oxfam and reminds us that our actions affect more people than we often realise.

Saturday, April 18

Small Waterfall

Tucked away under the expressway (but viewable from the bikeway into the city) is this neat little waterfall. It's probably just city run-off, but i like it.

Tuesday, April 14

Is That A Candle?

Recently i needed a candle pic (of my very own home-made candle i might add) and got distracted by the picture editing functions. Invert Colours results in a candle that look black and blue (for comparison, actual candle is here).

Thursday, April 9

Social Comment?

This is what currently adorns my desktop background. Happened on a day i was trying to be arty. You know, photos that are mysterious and deep ... that make a comment about the human condition.

Clearly, that didn't happen.

Monday, April 6

Cool Vintage Car

It's always a joy to see an 'olden-days' car. For some reason they just look more stylish. Apart from the overall shape design, it has those intriguing little runner boards along the side.

Friday, April 3

Under the Bridge

Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art - the bridge's destination. Apparently, the bridge will land to the right of it, and do a little spiral-effect (to get down to ground level in minimal space).

Thursday, April 2

Bridge to Nowhere

So this is the Tank Street bridge so far (with the Victoria bridge in the background). A mate of mine jokes that bridges are a bit like Starbucks... they find one that's popular, and put another one just 5 blocks away. Meanwhile, it turns out that this bridge is going to be a pedestrian/cyclist bridge (yay!)

Friday, March 27

Earth Hour

Indooroopilly shoppingtown is apparently joining in Earth Hour. Don't know how hard-core they'll be, but just in case they're fair dinkum, i wouldn't recommend getting tickets for an 8pm movie :)

Tuesday, March 24

Walking on the Sun

Was crossing the road when the sun was setting directly in line with the road, behind our local walkway overpass.

Saturday, February 28

From South Brisbane

So i was in South Brisbane the other weekend as the sun was setting. As is my habit, i took a shot back towards the city.

Monday, January 19


This life-size replica formed part of a Doctor Who exhibit at my local library. Aside from the dvds and books pictured, there was also a display of memorabilia and paraphenalia - the kind which one might typically see on Collectors - featuring a great deal of material relating to the Doctor Who series of the 60s, 70s and 80s.