Sunday, June 24


Our neighbour has a macadamia tree. Having grown to quite some size, it generously shares its produce over the fence. This is what i collected. Now to crack them open!

Monday, June 11

Giving Away the Code

Took this photo today at Lifeline's Bookfest. To save you counting, it's around 200 copies of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Not sure if that makes it a really popular book (as so many people bought it) or a really unpopular book (because so many are getting rid of it).

Da Vinci Code books

So that's everyone's Christmas presents sorted out for this year ;)
(Just kidding!)

Saturday, June 9

Insert Memory Card

Not sure if this was a humorous prank by the guy in charge of programming the messages into the roadworks sign - or an authentic error message.

But either way it was funny.