Monday, December 10

Twin Men

Tuesday, October 30

Election Time Again?

Like him or not, one thing that can be said of Michael Johnson, is that he certainly likes to keep his electorate informed - very informed ... at least every third year.

His main media is the "Ryan Report". I myself have seen quite a few editions recently, but can't seem to remember any other since... well the last election.

I suspect that come December, there will be no further need for this sign ... at least until 2010.

ps. no, this is not my letterbox ;)

Wednesday, October 3

More Than Meets The Eye

Spotted this "car" the other night. Waited and waited, but it didn't change ;)

Monday, August 13

Footy Feast

These biccies were made by my friend Naomi. Suffice to say that i was very impressed - especially as they were in team colours and everthing.

Wednesday, July 11

The Mystery Game

I took this a couple of weeks ago. I'm gonna let you have a guess at what it is, and how it was done :)

Monday, July 9

Summit for Sale

Yeah OK, it probably refers to one of the units behind the sign, but it does actually say "SUMMIT FOR SALE".

I guess the buyer will need a mountain of cash ... because it will certainly sell at a peak price... OK, i'll stop now ;)

Thursday, July 5

Real-life Prius

Readers of my Convenient Solutions blog will be familiar with my enthusiasm for Hybrid Cars. So when i wandered by this one, i couldn't help but get out my camera. At almost the same instant, the driver of the vehicle returned.

I explained my excitement. He offered to let me have a look inside - wow! Suffice to say that it made my day. We then chatted, and he confirmed how little petrol it uses, and how quite it drives - especially when it's not using the petrol motor.

Friday, June 29

Toowong Sunset

Yeah, it's another from my increasing sunset collection. For sunset enthusiasts, this one is taken from the corner of Kennington Tce and Holland St.

Thursday, May 31

Going green

I snapped a shot of this billboard for an article in my other blog Convenient Solutions.

As i was cropping out some unwanted background distractions, i noticed that just at the moment of the shot, a pedestrian (slightly obscured) and cyclist were passing by the sign.

With the sign promoting Virgin's 'carbon neutral' travel, the irony was delicious. :)

Friday, May 18

Department Store Drive-Through?

Possibly they mean something else, but there could be some exhausted shoppers who need some automotive assistance to complete their purchasing expedition ;)

Wednesday, May 9

Very Bunny

Nothing says Easter quite like a multi storey inflatable rabbit - at least not if you're a big shopping centre ;)

Of course, had the entire thing been made from chocolate, i would have been impressed. Especially if passers-by were allowed hack off a chunk for their own personal consumption ;)

Thursday, May 3

Hello Possum

On my balcony the other morning, and i discovered this little critter having a little lie-down behind the plants. (Actually i think he discovered me first)

Once he'd discovered that i was no threat to his new little nap-place, he was quite happy to slide back in behind the green pot for another daytime snooze.

Friday, April 13

At a Stretch

I was in the city the other week - as you may have noticed from the last pic. Taking other photos (which turned out badly) when this limo came along.

I had never seen one "in the flesh" and was quite excited. It's sooo stretched! I can't believe how stretched it is. That's gotta be equal to 3 normal cars. :)

Thursday, April 5

Mini Car

I don't often travel into the city centre, so you can imagine my surprise to find this in the middle of Central station.

Sure, i understand that it's difficult to find a park in the city, but i dunno that parking on the railway station concourse is the answer ;)

Mind you, i have sometimes wondered if parking lots could make slightly smaller parking spaces available - preferably at the most convenient places. Apart from creating more spaces, it would also reward drivers of smaller, less polluting vehicles.

Monday, April 2


Continuing the theme of photos OF me, my friend Ben (you can see him in the reflection off the glass) recently coaxed me into posing for this photo. He's quite of good photographer i reckon - and the pic comes in handy when i need a profile pic ... like for my blog.

Friday, March 30


Ok, it's not that great a photo - but what i like is the 'edges' tool i used on it, which created this sketched kind of look.

Wednesday, March 21

Do You Know The Muffin Man?

Clearly, this is a batch of muffins in the process of being baked. It was a combined effort between my flatmate and me. I reckon they look pretty good - especially considering we forgot one of the main ingredients ;)

Tuesday, February 27

A Trolley Load

Last time i mentioned the people at the Bookfest with (literally) a supermarket trolley full of books. Here is an example. This fellow was queued up in the line next to us.

Made me wonder if it would be quicker for the register people if there was a simple "price per 50kg" system. Maybe even a weighbridge ;)

Monday, February 26

Where Am I?

Despite first appearances, this is not a photo of the departure lounge of an airport terminal.

We spotted these two characters on our way to "Bookfest". At the time i assumed from the size of their luggage that they were headed away on holiday. But no - apparently the 'real' Bookfest enthusiasts don't want have their treasure limited by the amount they can carry. For the record, there was also more than one person with a supermarket-sized trolley for storing their haul.

Monday, February 12

On the fence

There's no story to this at all. Just thought it was a good photo opportunity. I guess you know someone is style-concious when they get a motorbike to match their front gate ;)

Thursday, February 8

Seeing the Light

Consider yourself lucky. I was going to put up some of my photos from the Christmas lights tour. A group of my friends piled into a combi van to drive around and check out the various Christmas light displays around the neighbourhood. (By neighbourhood, we mean anywhere within 10km).

Instead, i present this painting of the wise men - another group of people travelling miles because of a light ;)

For the record, it was at the church i visited on Christmas eve. I don't know who the artist was.

Thursday, February 1

City Christmas Tree

Ok, so i'm getting a little behind in putting photos up... Anyway, this gi-normous tree was adorning the top of Queen St in the leadup to Christmas.

And of course, if you're going to have a such a large tree, clearly the decorations have to be equally over-sized. Hence this bauble which is the height of a small adult.

Wednesday, January 17

A yellow brick ... block?

There's no real story to this one. It was very late in the day, and this local unit block was almost golden as it faced the sunset.