Monday, July 28


It had been aaages since i'd experienced a good bonfire. There's just something about being outdoors at night, standing around a raging (but controlled) fire - and feeling toasty warm on an otherwise freezing evening.

The thing was several 'people-high' (my unit of measurement for tall things) and was quite impressive - as well as warm. Definitely worth waiting around for.

Friday, July 25

For Comparison's Sake

Ok, so that you can fully appreciate the artwork (previous post) this is a photo of Grace - also taken at the festival.

Apologies for the poor lighting - it was a combination of the glow of Grace's mobile, and some stray light from the performance stage.

In days long gone by, bands used to know they had connected with an audience, when cigarette lighters would sway with the tempo of the slower songs. I wonder if current bands observe the glow of phone-lit faces to mean precisely the opposite.

Friday, July 18

Blackboard Grace

Recently i was coaxed into going to a winter festival with my friends Grace and Kate. Whilst the music was fine, hours of sedentary listening need to be interspersed with more than musing over whether or not a one-night event can legitimately be called a festival (Grace is a writer and is fascinated with words). So to break things up, Kate sketched Grace's face on a nearby blackboard.

I was impressed with the likeness - and the speed (approx 10 secs). Before i got a pic, someone added a heart and what appears to be a superhero cape - don't know what that's about. Perhaps she could be the "Amazing Grace" (haha ;)

Wednesday, July 9

Beef Strogan Off

Who gives recipes their names? And why did they think it was a good idea to include the word "off" in the name of a meat-based dish?

These are questions i did not ask, when helping a friend prepare for a dinner party (when i say helping i mean cutting mushrooms - and some occasional stirring)

Tuesday, July 1

"Blue Steel"

What have we learnt today?
1. David is not Zoolander
2. A monochrome gradient works wonders
3. Model poses should be left to models