Thursday, July 22

Election Ads

If you're in Australia, you'll know that we're in the midst of a an election campaign at the moment. While i really enjoy the election season - it does sometimes bring some annoying ads on tv. However, there are some great exceptions.

First there's this simple 'music-and-pictures' piece by the Greens. Probably one that has to be watched a couple of times to fully get it, but it's a nice change from the usual junk.

Then there's this slighty longer piece from Senate candidate Richard Di Natale. Shot by a mate for no cost, it's homely, and also a bit inspiring.

So those are my faves for now. Hopefully more good ones will come up during the campaign.

Monday, June 28

African Animals

As well as a sea of pyramid lanterns, there were also a number of animal ones. I'm not sure i've ever seen a "lantern" that was taller than myself - let alone one in the shape of an animal - but it was quite impressive.

Saturday, June 26

Light Show

A bunch of lanterns at the Candlelight Walk and Lantern Parade - as part of the celebrations of Refugee Week. Some lanterns were also decorated with words like "welcome", "hope" and "love".

Thursday, June 10


Yeah, OK. I forgot to give details yesterday about this 500-person dinner. It was the Premier's Queensland ClimateSmart Sustainability Awards Dinner and i was the guest of the kind people at Sustainable Jamboree.

Two great initiatives by the organisers were (i) any left over food was donated to Food Bank, and (ii) the table centrepieces consisted of a number of native plants - individually potted such that each person could take one home to plant.

Wednesday, June 9


The effort that went into presenting this entree really impressed me. Moreso when i realise they did it for 500 people. Good grief!

Wednesday, June 2

Eurovision 2010 Wrap Up

In a break from my "normal programming" here are some of my highlights from Eurovision 2010. Note, most of the videos are not what was actually telecast - and sometimes i think i preferred the stage performance (with the light show and everything).

First Semi
Finland's "Työlki Ellää" caught me with its uptempo folk-dance style (though i didn't understand a word of the song) and it's not every day you see a piano-accordion! Very narrowly missed out on the final.

I really liked the Albania song "It's All About You". It was later pointed out to me that it sounds a bit the Doctor Who theme. Perhaps that influenced me :)

Then Iceland finished off the semi with "Je Ne Sais Quoi"

Even though i saw Russia's "Lost and Forgotten" in the semi, it grew on me as i heard it again in the final.

In the end, it was Germany's Lena who won the competition with "Satellite". It's another one that seems to be better every time i hear it. (And i think it's safe to say that it's the only Eurovision-winning song to reference both astronomy and blue undies :)

Saturday, February 27


A friend of mine offered me some of this cleverly disguised chocolate (click for a larger, more-readable version). I found it quite funny - perhaps from working in pharmaceutical science - or perhaps just because i'm a dag - who knows?

Anyway, my favourite lines were "Keep out of reach of chocoholics" and "Warning: May cause weight gain if used incorrectly". Good old nerd humour, there's nothing like it.

Wednesday, January 6


This is another one from the Between the Lines exhibition. There was also a section of cartoons by high school kids - the drawing wasn't that great, but the ideas still very insightful.

Monday, January 4

Between The Lines

This was one of my personal highlights from the the Between The Lines exhibition at the State Library. It's a collection of the best cartoons of 2008 - there's political cartoons, but many that are just witty pieces of social commentary. (It runs through to Feb 14)