Sunday, April 14

Ride For Refugees

I'm a fan of helping refugees - and of bike riding. So signing up for this year's Ride for Refugees seemed like an obvious move. I'm going to be riding (at least) 25km - and can imagine that this will be somewhat of a shock, given that my normal bike ride is 6-7km tops.

To add to the challenge, if i get more than $221 of sponsorship, i'll double the ride to 50km!

Why $221 precisely? A refugee in the community has to live on $221 a week (including paying rent) and is not allowed work to earn any extra. (I hear that's 40% less than the dole).

Anyway, the groups that are supported by the ride do things to help refugees with education, learning English, medical and other issues.

So if you'd like to sponsor me, or ride yourself, that would be great. :)