Wednesday, April 29

Millions of People

Saw this at a bus stop. Found it quite clever. At first, all we see is ourself. But looking closer, there's hundreds of people from across the world.
(click pic for larger view)
It's by Oxfam and reminds us that our actions affect more people than we often realise.

Saturday, April 18

Small Waterfall

Tucked away under the expressway (but viewable from the bikeway into the city) is this neat little waterfall. It's probably just city run-off, but i like it.

Tuesday, April 14

Is That A Candle?

Recently i needed a candle pic (of my very own home-made candle i might add) and got distracted by the picture editing functions. Invert Colours results in a candle that look black and blue (for comparison, actual candle is here).

Thursday, April 9

Social Comment?

This is what currently adorns my desktop background. Happened on a day i was trying to be arty. You know, photos that are mysterious and deep ... that make a comment about the human condition.

Clearly, that didn't happen.

Monday, April 6

Cool Vintage Car

It's always a joy to see an 'olden-days' car. For some reason they just look more stylish. Apart from the overall shape design, it has those intriguing little runner boards along the side.

Friday, April 3

Under the Bridge

Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art - the bridge's destination. Apparently, the bridge will land to the right of it, and do a little spiral-effect (to get down to ground level in minimal space).

Thursday, April 2

Bridge to Nowhere

So this is the Tank Street bridge so far (with the Victoria bridge in the background). A mate of mine jokes that bridges are a bit like Starbucks... they find one that's popular, and put another one just 5 blocks away. Meanwhile, it turns out that this bridge is going to be a pedestrian/cyclist bridge (yay!)