Sunday, June 28

Rebound Sunset

Ok, so i post a few sunset pictures (here, here, here, here, here and here). But this one has a difference - it's in the eastern sky! Even though it looks like the sun is behind the clouds, it is in fact in the other side of the sky, and its light is reflecting off these clouds in the east.

Friday, June 26


The photo from the other day, but with added contrast to make it look more arty.

Tuesday, June 23

Misty Bike Ride

A rainy day when a bike ride is planned. The bad part is waiting around (helmet held hopefully in hand) for the rain to clear. The good part is seeing stuff like this. It's just an inner-suburban street, with some mist, but it was awesome. Moreso than the photo can tell.

Saturday, June 13

Southbank Ferris Wheel

Yeah, there's probably an officially-endorsed name. But i don't know it - so let's just stick with Ferris Wheel.

Friday, June 12

New Shop

Recently heard about a new electric bike shop that has opened up near me (Woodstock Ave Toowong to be precise). So first day of uni break, i went to check it out.

For those not au-fait with electric bikes, they are the same as normal bikes, except with a choice of pedalling or letting the motor do the work.

The little battery you can see just below the seat apparently goes for 20-30km on just a few cents of electric charge.

Wednesday, June 10


Semester is over, and so is my self-imposed blogging exile...

Do you reckon it looks a bit lunar?