Tuesday, August 19

Indro Sunset

OK, so it seems that i'm going through a sunset phase at the moment. There's probably a meteorological reason why there seem to be some good ones recently.

Anyhoo, i was on my way home when this one happened. For those playing at home, it's taken from outside the Coonan St shops, looking west (obviously!)


  1. I'm a sucker for a sunset too. Loving the hues at the moment. I'd always been told the redder a sunset, the more dust in the air - usually after a big fire or volcanic eruption. Hmm the great Mt Indro has finally blown...

  2. Thanks Jazzy - that's something i didn't know. I do reckon the indro carpark acts as a repository for car exhaust.

    But i don't think that is affecting the sunset - just the health of the public. :)