Wednesday, June 25


Monday, June 23

Super-Tight Security

I took the following photo for an article in another blog. As you may notice, it's not entirely horizontal.

As my finger was pressing the button, an official informs me that photos are not permitted ... for "security" reasons. I tried to explain that the photo contained mere bus arrival times - and the existence of timetables meant this was hardly top-secret information. My logic fell on deaf ears.

So while i'm still kind of concerned at the ever-growing list of things that are apparently "security" concerns; i'm also trying to figure out an explanation - even if it's only remotely plausible.

The best i've come up with is the newsagency in the background. If the these locations become known, terrorists may launch "operation golden casket" where they buy up all the scratchies - striking the gambling community at its core ;)

Sunday, June 22

Open 24 Hours

Apparently this tank is available to collect rain at any time of day...

I would have thought this'd be true of all water tanks ;)

Do you reckon it's a deliberately joke, or just an obsession with putting advertising on every available surface...?