Saturday, January 31

Trick of the Mind

My state, Queensland has optional preferential voting. Voters choose how many preferences to allocate.

Which means at elections you get extra signs like these:

Dodgy party signs posing as official information in an election in Queensland Australia

They look official. They're in the colours of the voting authority. They don't mention any candidate. You might think they are official signs.

But you'd be wrong. If you have a magnifying glass handy, you can see a party name in the tiniest print. And what each party suggests will favour that party.

I think it's a bit sneaky by both of these parties - to trick people by posing as official advice.

A voter at my local voting place complained to the officials. The funny thing was that he only complained about only one of them.

The Mind Trick
Perhaps coloured by his party preference he thought the other sign was perfectly fine.

What do you think?
Are they both unethical? If just one is dodgy, which one?