Wednesday, August 20

The In-Between Sunset

Further down the road from yesterday's sunset. I like the way it glows between the high-rise and the tree. This is one of the great things about walking - the ability to pause and enjoy stuff like this.

Tuesday, August 19

Indro Sunset

OK, so it seems that i'm going through a sunset phase at the moment. There's probably a meteorological reason why there seem to be some good ones recently.

Anyhoo, i was on my way home when this one happened. For those playing at home, it's taken from outside the Coonan St shops, looking west (obviously!)

Wednesday, August 6

New Record

OK, i realise that the whole world is catching Olympic fever, but even Coles is in on the act - setting a new record today.

I purchased one item (a 3-pack of sponges) and before you know it the checkout chick is plastic-bagging it. Despite being the approximate size of a tv remote, and the weight of a tennis ball, these sponges are apparently too cumbersome to be transported without assistance - according to Coles.

Obviously i refused the bag, but if i had have been sharper i could have asked for additional bags for my wallet and phone... maybe even an third bag to carry my house keys in :)

I guess this is how we managed to used an extra billion plastic bags last year. Anyway, that's the record. If you can beat it let me know.

Tuesday, August 5

Cloud Fine