Friday, April 13

At a Stretch

I was in the city the other week - as you may have noticed from the last pic. Taking other photos (which turned out badly) when this limo came along.

I had never seen one "in the flesh" and was quite excited. It's sooo stretched! I can't believe how stretched it is. That's gotta be equal to 3 normal cars. :)

Thursday, April 5

Mini Car

I don't often travel into the city centre, so you can imagine my surprise to find this in the middle of Central station.

Sure, i understand that it's difficult to find a park in the city, but i dunno that parking on the railway station concourse is the answer ;)

Mind you, i have sometimes wondered if parking lots could make slightly smaller parking spaces available - preferably at the most convenient places. Apart from creating more spaces, it would also reward drivers of smaller, less polluting vehicles.

Monday, April 2


Continuing the theme of photos OF me, my friend Ben (you can see him in the reflection off the glass) recently coaxed me into posing for this photo. He's quite of good photographer i reckon - and the pic comes in handy when i need a profile pic ... like for my blog.