Tuesday, December 19

Pitcher Perfect

To cheer and support Nathan, some friends and I recently attended one of his baseball games. However when his team was a player short, i was handed the spare uniform and cap.

A friend took this photo of the two of us, and i played with the colour scheme to give it that 1920's "Babe Ruth" kind of feel.

ps. for the record, i fielded the ball twice, and had two turns at bat - struck out once, and made first base once.

Sunday, December 10

Southbank Sunset

Some photos you plan - some just happen. At the last minute i'd decided to catch the ferry instead of the train, and we approached southbank just as the sun was going down behind it.

ps. i know physics people will tell me that the sun can't set in the south ... i guess there's some poetic licence in the name ... "west-southwestbank" just wouldn't be as catchy.

Saturday, December 9


I'm sure when the Japanese invented the art of paper-folding, this is not what they had in mind.

If you type in "origami brisbane" into Google, the first hit you get is a post by my friend Naomi. So when a local kids tv programme needed origami assistance for an episode - a quick internet search gave them their 'local expert'.

After a small-scale practice, some 3 and 4-person folds, and the struggles of handling 2 square metres of paper - our oversized crane was ready for its tv debut.