Wednesday, December 30

Science Fiction Vegetables

Found this Sweetpotato at my parents' place over Christmas. My Mum reckons it looks like the Ood (from Doctor Who). What do you think?

Tuesday, December 29

Got Worms?

A couple of the worms in my mum's new worm farm. Had to be quick as worms prefer to be under the surface. Once they settle in, a layer of newspaper goes over the top. Dad suggested the comic pages - to give them some entertainment. (haha dad)

Sunday, December 20

Best Christmas Lights

For sheer impressiveness, this was my favourite set of lights on our little tour. In real life it's even better, as some of the features 'move'. (By move, i mean the lights come on sequentially - but really quickly - which gives a kind of shooting star effect). Apart from that, the whole colour scheme would change about every 20 seconds. For example...

Friday, December 18

Mary, Jesus and Joseph

Went looking at Christmas lights. This was my favourite of the nativity scenes.

Monday, December 14

Wednesday, December 2

Couple of Bugs

There's something about a couple of matching cars parked shoulder-to-shoulder.