Friday, November 28

Ok, so it didn't quite happen

Ok, so clearly doing a "blog each day" thing during exam-month was a bit optimistic.

But now that semester is over, let's give it another go...

Nov 28 - Cost of Coal
Nov 29 - Most Important
Nov 30 - Vatican Sees the Light

Monday, November 3

Filler Material

As a loyal reader, you may have noticed a lack of posting recently.

My old computer is on life support (it looks terminal) and my groovy new laptop doesn't yet have any useful image editing software. (I tried sizing down a photo in ms paint - you don't wanna know).

Anyway, enough excuses, you want blog action - and you've come to the right place. Inspired by my friend doing a "post everyday for a month", i'm doing likewise (on my various blogs). So for some daily action, check out...

Nov 14 - Possession Obsession
Nov 13 - Not Really a Backbone
Nov 12 - Part 2
Nov 11 - Remembering The Departed
Nov 10 - Bike Stats
Nov 9 - Uniting on Emissions Trading
Nov 8 - A Challenge
Nov 7 - Drinking Green
Nov 6 - What Would Hayden Do?
Nov 5 - Leaving the Islands
Nov 4 - Back-Up Plan
Nov 3 - Wheely Popular
Nov 2 - Electric Car Video
Nov 1 - Chaser's War On Coal