Monday, August 31

Gender Testing

With the various 'step-through', 'lowbar' and 'crossbar' bikes, it's not always easy to tell whether a bike is that of a man or a woman. However, the floral basket decoration is still a dead giveaway.

Saturday, August 29


It's fairly rare to have a 28.05th birthday party. It's rarer still to have a guest of honour who celebrates by making a fantastic meal for her numerous party guests. I can't remember the name of the feature dish - but i can tell you it was quite delish!

Tuesday, August 4

Bike Trailer

Spotted this at Greenfest and was quite impressed. As well as the creativity of making one's own bicycle trailer, the side parts appear to be made out of former bicycles (with some bamboo cladding for style). Much kudos from me. And it was a great way for one of the food and drink outlets to get around the festival to offer people their iced tea (or whatever it was ... i was looking at the construction of the trailer, not its contents :)