Wednesday, June 2

Eurovision 2010 Wrap Up

In a break from my "normal programming" here are some of my highlights from Eurovision 2010. Note, most of the videos are not what was actually telecast - and sometimes i think i preferred the stage performance (with the light show and everything).

First Semi
Finland's "Työlki Ellää" caught me with its uptempo folk-dance style (though i didn't understand a word of the song) and it's not every day you see a piano-accordion! Very narrowly missed out on the final.

I really liked the Albania song "It's All About You". It was later pointed out to me that it sounds a bit the Doctor Who theme. Perhaps that influenced me :)

Then Iceland finished off the semi with "Je Ne Sais Quoi"

Even though i saw Russia's "Lost and Forgotten" in the semi, it grew on me as i heard it again in the final.

In the end, it was Germany's Lena who won the competition with "Satellite". It's another one that seems to be better every time i hear it. (And i think it's safe to say that it's the only Eurovision-winning song to reference both astronomy and blue undies :)

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