Saturday, February 14

Smaller on the Outside

I've recently started a new job. My colleague had this on her desk, and I was very excited. So excited that she gave it to me.

fold up tardis

Turns out that you can download and print these foldable designs from various websites. Apparently another work colleague printed them out, and it was a short 'team-building' exercise to construct them (long before I started here).

I get the impression that my colleague it didn't value the finished item as much as I do.

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  1. That's wonderful!! Also, if their previous colleague didn't appreciate it as much as you, they were obviously not quite suited to the job... after all, we all need a Doctor every now & again! x x

  2. Oh hang on! I realised it was a colleague who is still working there - what a nice, kind (silly) colleague she is! <3